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There's a lot to be said about being a creative and turning your passion into a business. Or maybe you're not running a business, but you still want to refine your photo skills. Either way, you've got a friend in me! I am here to answer your questions and help you forge a path forward. I am forever grateful for my mentors and those who came before me and shared their knowledge. Helping the next person in line is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do. I believe in community over competition - you've probably heard that saying before, but I mean it. I'm not into gatekeeping, trade-secrets, or competing with each other. I learned it from somewhere, so I'm happy to share. It's all about what you do with the information and opportunities you're given - that's what matters. Not everyone is on the same trajectory, so patience and persistence is your best friend!  

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One-Time Meeting // $300
•  Coffee or FaceTime meeting with me.
•  1:1 mentoring.
•  Free essential mentor guide
•  I answer any burning questions

Short-Term Student (3 months) // $800*
• Monthly coffee or FaceTime meeting with me.
• 1:1 mentoring
• In-depth custom mentor guide & 3 month plan
• 1 Shadow session to see how I photograph
• Editing session

Long-Term Student (6 months) // $1500*
• Monthly Coffee or FaceTime meeting with me.
• 1:1 mentoring
• In-depth custom mentor guide & 6 month plan
• 1 shadow session to see how I photograph
• 2 model photo sessions (3/6 month mark)
• Editing Sessions
• Access to my second shooting schedule

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This is where we get to dig in deep. Any questions you can think of, I would love to answer. Let's build real friendship and explore all things photography! From beginners to experienced, I want to create a space where you feel comfortable being curious and asking questions without feeling the pressure of looking silly. Because guess what, I learned it for the first time too! We're all in different places, and I think that is so wonderful. I know I can learn from you too. Let's be friends!

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I absolutely loved meeting with Annie! She is so kind and so willing to share her knowledge & wisdom. I felt so encouraged after meeting with her & I was able to have a lot of questions answered. She was very personable and I knew she wanted to help me in any way she could! I’d highly recommend a mentorship from her. 

- Savannah Vincent