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You being here means life has brought you to some pretty spectacular moments. It also means that you deeply care about the way those memories are preserved. I am here to tell the story that belongs to you alone through photos created with intentionality and longevity in mind. Through digital, film, and polaroid, I capture images reminiscent of the nostalgia-infused photos we have from our grandparents, parents, and childhood.

 I believe in cultivating friendship and connection with every person that I photograph. That way, you can have full trust in me to guide you through an experience where you have the space to live presently while your moments are documented in a non-intrusive way.

If you are a memory hoarder and care about your life being documented through
observant, immersive, purposeful imagery...

Hi, I'm Annie!

The experience

My roots run deep into Nebraska ground, but my wings have taken me coast to coast! From Hawaii to Colorado to Florida, I have had the privilege of photographing couples as their dreams come to life. I am always looking to venture to new places, but I must confess... I don't care about the decor, the scenery, or what you're wearing. What I care about is you and the person you love the most locking it down FOREVER - and doing it your way.

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Hey! I'm Annie!


Some Things About Me:

- I love being outside! Less in a camping type way, but more of a go for a walk/hike, watch-the-sunset-with-a-curated-playlist type of way. Summer is my favorite part of the year!

- I love concerts! Notable faves have been Taylor Swift, Zach Bryan, Noah Kahan, and Cody Johnson. Hozier is a future goal!

- It's a goal of mine to travel to at least two new places this year!

- My food opinions are as follows: Savory > Sweet, Spicy-ish Food > , Any fruit >, Carrots = the best veggie, Runza & Jimmy John's are elite.


There's a lot to be said about being a creative and turning your passion into a business. Or maybe you're not running a business, but you still want to refine your photo skills. Either way, you've got a friend in me! I am here to answer your questions and help you forge a path forward. I am forever grateful for my mentors and those who came before me and shared their knowledge. Helping the next person in line is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do. I believe in community over competition - you've probably heard that saying before, but I mean it. I'm not into gatekeeping, trade-secrets, or competing with each other. I learned it from somewhere, so I'm happy to share. It's all about what you do with the information and opportunities you're given - that's what matters. Not everyone is on the same trajectory, so patience and persistence is your best friend!  

we're in this one together!



London + Sam

"Annie was beyond amazing to work with! She made us feel so comfortable and knew exactly how to capture the best day of our lives. Her photos are incredible and she perfectly matches the aesthetic you are looking for, no matter who you are. I can’t imagine our big day without her being there. If you want to be OBSESSED with your wedding photos, choose Annie!"

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Having ANNIE at our wedding was more like having another friend there, not just a photographer.

Sara + Dylan

Annie was phenomenal to work with from start to finish, and I would recommend absolutely everyone to her. Not only did she make us feel comfortable in front of the camera, but she captured our wedding in a way that was truly genuine, authentic, and beautiful. We were able to experience every moment of our wedding to the fullest without ever feeling staged, and our pictures captured the real and raw emotions and memories from that day. Our wedding pictures truly exceeded our expectations and elicit the same emotions we felt on that day when we look back at them. Trusting someone with taking pictures of one of the most special days of your life can be scary, but never once did I worry with Annie as our photographer. Annie was the best vendor decision we made, and we can’t wait to show our kids and grandkids all the beautifully captured memories someday, all thanks to her.

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Annie was the best vendor decision we made

Maddie + Tyler

"Annie did such a wonderful job with both our engagement photos and our wedding photos! She is so much fun and really captured how our day felt! I started crying as soon as I looked through the pictures because it felt like I was reliving our wedding day!

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it felt like I was reliving our wedding day!

Katelyn + Jacob

"Starting from when she walked in the door she has such a bright energy that makes everyone feel comfortable! She is extremely adaptable and made the whole process so natural and smooth! She truly captured our day perfectly and I couldn’t recommend her enough!"

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Annie was everything we could have asked for and more!

Kind words

The Experience

CONNECTING: I love working with people I would see myself being friends with. Getting to know each other and having a good time is the best way to build the trust necessary to us working together. I do this by zoom calls, meeting for coffee, or if time allows, I love to catch dinner with my couples after their sessions. It's another step away from being strangers and another step in the right direction!

 BEING IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA: It's scary being in front of the camera, I totally get it! I often hear people say things along the lines of "we're awkward," "we're not photogenic," "we don't know what to do!" My answer to this, every time is "I promise you cannot mess up photos of yourself - it's YOU" and I totally mean it. My job is to pick up on your natural instincts and let those feelings guide us, not force you into stiff poses that don't feel reflective of your relationship. I will give you the guidance and space that provides you with the freedom to be you while leaving the door open for opportunities to have fun and get creative!

MY MINDSET: I am walking into your wedding day with the mindset of observation. How your day happens, that's what I want your images to reflect. I always say we'll get the classic portraits "for the wall," but beyond that, I believe the photos that live in the scrapbook on the coffee table are just as important. The pressure isn't on you. Your job is not to perform, it is to live. 

MY VISION: I aim for my work to be highlighted through true-tone edits with an enhanced, timeless finish. Film and polaroid photos are another medium I use to achieve the goal of sparking nostalgia from my work. Those same tones inspire the "looks like film" finish on some of my images.

The Process

Tell me a little about yourself while we cover the who, what, when, and where!

Schedule a low-stakes discovery zoom call so we can talk face-to-face and see if we're a good fit! This is a chance to get to know each other and go over details, questions, and your vision.

Once we customize your package,
 sign the contract & pay the deposit to make it official.

I am here to be your go-to girl for recommendations
or questions during the planning process! 

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