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But odds are, if you're here, you might already know that part!

Hi, hello, welcome! I love that you're here! A couple things, and I'm gonna keep it real with you. I have a tendency to get a little metaphorical and a whole lotta sentimental. I love what I do, and the fact my "job" revolves around telling love stories... well, it doesn't get better than this. 

My name is Annie Johnson - Annie J to friends, Nanny Annie to my niece, and Miss Annie to many - and I am the one behind the camera! I have been a part of the photography community for seven years now, and I couldn't be more grateful. Some things about me: I am curious person, a deep-thinker, I have some of the best family & friends, and I have a mini goldendoodle named Auggie! I enjoy all things concerts and music, I'm scared of moths, and I love traveling! Naturally, I am a memory hoarder, so I am always taking pictures, documenting, or making mental notes of special things that go on in my life because I never want to forget them. 

I want to do the same for you.

The best memories are the ones that just happen. And for me, that's one of the driving forces behind why I do what I do.

Growing up, I took pictures of everything - I mean everyyyything. Flowers in ditches along our county road, the purple/pink/golden sunsets, our dogs, my younger sister, even the dice from my Yahtzee game I got from Christmas. Would you believe me if I told you the photo of the dice is what made me want to be a photographer? If I showed it to you, you'd also believe it belongs in the Louvre ;)

Eventually I grew up and took a marketing class in college. The professor told us we need to know the “why” behind what we do. And frankly, that’s the only thing that stuck with me from the class. For a while I didn’t know what my “why” was, or I at least couldn’t articulate it. Turns out, they don’t teach you that part in the class
—that's a real-world lesson.

Every person I have encountered has helped shape my answer to the question that I had been asked so many times. But on my way to finding out why I'm a photographer, I had to figure out why I'm not. I don't want to go through the motions and provide soulless images. I don't want to fake it 'til I make it in anything that I do.

That’s not why I’m here. 

This will surprise you, but I have a history degree. And hang with me here because it taught me a lot. It reminded me about how much power there is in a photo, why storytelling is important, and what makes a story so engaging, it gets passed down for generations. Not to geek out for a second, but there's a reason photographs are such a golden primary document.

When we read old stories , listen to our parents tell us crazy experiences from when they were young, or even when something wild happens to your friend. Often times we find ourselves wishing there was photographic evidence! "Pics or it didn't happen" became a saying for a reason! 

A photograph is the only thing powerful enough to take us to a moment we've never lived,
and back to a moment we never want to forget.

That's why I'm here.

I am an artist, I love to create. And I think there is a way to create beautiful art and provide you with an experience that gifts you with timeless, immersive, observant, and purposeful imagery without the intrusiveness of a minute-to-minute timeline or posing that feels stiff and unnatural. I am here to build off the way you already hold space with the ones you love most. Your job isn't to perform, it's to live.

Life is fleeting. And so are our favorite moments. They're often unposed. Sometimes, they're the moments that go unseen. But I know they’re there. And I want to be able to capture and witness the moments that make a memory. I want to document your history, your story.

Because these photos, they last.

I'm a wedding & elopement photographer based in Lincoln, NE

It's me, hi! I'm Annie!

Taylor Swift! I saw her in denver!

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husker game day + valentino's pizza!!!


breckenridge, colorado

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ice cream or gelato!!

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fruit & fruit smoothies - bonus points for mango!!

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Kauai, hawaii

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No seriously, ice cream is always the correct answer

me and mckenna's attempt to
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my history degree from neb wes!

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my niece!!

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